Iowa DNR Fishing Report (May 18)

Cedar River (above Nashua) 
Water clarity is muddy with high flows. Water levels are falling, but up about 3 feet. Water temperatures are on the rise with warmer weather.  Channel Catfish – Good: Try a dead chub or stink baits fished in slack water areas. Smallmouth Bass – Slow: Try fishing eddies and current breaks. Walleye – Slow: Use a jig tipped with a minnow or worm below dams. Try using a 3-way with enough weight to keep the weight on the bottom.

Decorah District Streams 
Area streams are in good condition. All stocked streams are announced at least once a month. Stocking continues at traditional rates, weekly or bimonthly. When on private property open to fishing, fishing is the only activity allowed. Brook Trout – Fair: Good hatches of a variety of gnats, mayflies, caddis flies, and midges. Brown Trout – Good: Try fishing near or around logs or undercut banks. Spinnerbaits work well. Try using streamers on larger waterbodies. Rainbow Trout – Excellent: Use spinnerbaits, hair jigs or hooks tipped with a small piece of worm, bread, or cheese floating through deeper holes. Freshly stocked fish are waiting to take your bait. 

Lake Hendricks Water clarity is improving. Water temperature is in the mid-60s. Fish are starting to move shallow to spawn. Black Crappie – Good: Crappie action is picking up as the water warms. Bluegill – Fair: Anglers fishing near shore are finding gills. Use a small chunk of worm fished under a bobber. Largemouth Bass – Good: Bass are starting to spawn in shallow water.

Lake MeyerWater clarity is about 3 feet. Water temperature is in the low 60s. Black Crappie – Good: Crappie are starting to bite. Use a small jig near shore edges. Bluegill – Fair. Largemouth Bass – Excellent: Try a spinnerbait fished in 3-4 feet of water.

Turkey River (below Clermont)
Water is muddy with high flows. Water levels are up about 4 feet and stabilizing. Water temperatures in the upper 50s. Smallmouth Bass – Slow: Use a jig with a twister tail fished in the eddies and off channel areas. Walleye – Slow: Early morning or late evening bite is best. Try fishing the deeper holes with a crank or spinnerbait. White Sucker – Good: Try fishing the deeper holes with a worm fished near bottom.

Upper Iowa River (above Decorah)
Water temperatures are in the mid-60s. Water is muddy with high flows. Water levels are up about 1.5 feet and falling. Use caution during early season paddling. Log jams and other strainers may have moved. Hypothermia is still a threat with cooler water temperatures. Smallmouth Bass – Slow: Try fishing near undercut banks and current breaks. A flashy jig works well. Fly anglers using streamers are picking up some action. Walleye – Slow: Angling for walleye is picking up below the dams. Use a jig tipped with a plastic tail or crankbait.

Volga Lake 
Water temperature is in the mid-60s. Fish activity is improving, especially near shore rocky areas. Black Crappie – Good: Try fishing along the rocky edges in deeper water. Bluegill – Fair. Channel Catfish – Good: Trophy catfish are plentiful in this lake. Use a large crawler fished under a bobber in the evening. Largemouth Bass – Good: Find bass in the shallow bays; use a crank or spinnerbait.

Area interior rivers and streams are up and muddy. Weekend temperatures in the mid-70s during the day to 40s overnight. For current fishing information, please call the Chuck Gipp Decorah Fish Hatchery at 563-382-8324.

Casey Lake (aka Hickory Hills Lake)
Anglers are catching crappie and bluegill as they stage for the upcoming spawn. BlackCrappie – Excellent: Cast lighter jigs tipped with plastics or try fishing a minnow under a slip bobber. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Use topwater artificial lures or spinnerbaits.

Cedar River (Nashua to La Porte City) 
The Cedar River is high and muddy.

George Wyth Lake
Anglers are catching crappie as they stage for the upcoming spawn. Black Crappie – Excellent: Cast lighter jigs tipped with plastics.

Lake Delhi
Anglers are catching crappie; some sorting may be needed. Avoid weekends and evenings due to heavy boat traffic. Black Crappie – Good: Cast lighter jigs tipped with plastics near structure or docks.

Maquoketa River (above Monticello) 
Anglers are catching walleye and smallmouth bass. Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Try plastics with a jig or cast and retrieve spinnerbaits. Walleye – Good: Use plastics with a jig.

Shell Rock River (Greene to Shell Rock) 
The Shell Rock River is high and muddy.

Wapsipinicon River (Tripoli to Troy Mills)
The Wapsipinicon River is on the rise; no reports this past week.


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