Coach Frost wins 500th dual as N-P sweeps home quad

Coach Al Frost sped past a milestone Tuesday night as his Nashua-Plainfield boys wrestling team swept its home quad.

Frost collected his 500th wrestling dual victory and was congratulated by many former wrestlers, managers, cheerleaders and coaches.

No. 500 came against Forest City, N-P’s final dual of the night. The Huskies won 66-8

Nashua-Plainfield also won duals against North Union 55-21 and Rockford 81-0.

The night was made possible by N-P winning four team duals over the weekend at The Battle of Waterloo tournament.

Former team members celebrate with Coach Frost. (Courtesy photo)

N-P in action against North Union


Nashua-Plainfield 66, Forest City 8

Forest City forfeited at 113 and 285.

106: Jayden Rinken (N-P) over Deegan Moore (FC) (Fall 1:59)

120: Hayden Munn (N-P) over Ben Norland (FC) (Fall 0:52)

126: Garret Rinken (N-P) over Robay Birri (FC) (Fall 2:39)

132: Gavin Grunhovd (FC) over Jonathan O`Neill (N-P) (TF 26-11 5:30)

138: Kaden Wilken (N-P) over Dominic Ohmart (FC) (Fall 1:22)

145: Aiden Gelner (N-P) over Angel Vidal (FC) (Fall 1:21)

152: Jackson Carey (N-P) over Nathan Merideth (FC) (Fall 0:52)

160: Eli Kalainoff (N-P) over Jaycob Guthart (FC) (Fall 1:27)

170: Kellen Moore (FC) over Titus Evans (N-P) (Dec 9-7)

182: Aiden Sullivan (N-P) over Brock Good (FC) (Fall 1:00)

195: Dawson Becker (N-P) over Peyton Klein (FC) (Dec 5-3)

220: Jackson Zwanziger (N-P) over Colby Krustsinger (FC) (Dec 2-0)

Nashua-Plainfield 55, North Union 21

North Union forfeited at 152 and 160

106: Jayden Rinken (NAPL) over Ethan Preston (NOUN) (Fall 3:35)

113: Nic Brase (NAPL) over Koen Zotz (NU) (Fall 1:11)

120: Hayden Munn (N-P) over Landon Price (NOUN) (Dec 6-3)

126: Sam O`Neill (N-P) over Kade Madden (NU) (Fall 0:54)

132: Garret Rinken (N-P) over Liam Kollasch (NU) (Fall 1:52)

138: Kaden Wilken (N-P) over Gavyn Morphew (NU) (MD 14-2)

145: Dalton Tobin (NU) over Aiden Gelner (N-P) (Fall 5:09)

170: Titus Evans (NAPL) over Lucas Dreyer (NU) (Fall 2:44)

182: Aiden Sullivan (N-P) over Kacey Hamsmith (NU) (Fall 2:12)

195: Kaleb Lufkin (NU) over Dawson Becker (N-P) (Dec 9-5)

220: Brennan Bollinger (NU) over Jackson Zwanziger (N-P) (Fall 0:42)

285: Kolton Walter (NU) over Isaac Jones (N-P) (Fall 4:24)

Nashua-Plainfield 81, Rockford 8

Rockford forfeited at 106, 113, 120, 126, 145, 152, 160, 170, 220, and 285.

132: Zachary Zwanziger (N-P) over Alex Baltes (ROCK) (Fall 1:32)

138: Kaden Wilken (N-P) over Payton Malchow (ROCK) (Fall 0:26)

182: Maverick Dietz-McDonald (N-P) over Kyler Eskildsen (ROCK) (Dec 2-0)

195: Aiden Sullivan (N-P) over Joe Koehler (ROCK) (Fall 0:33)


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