COVID-19 update: 11,671 positive cases, 252 deaths in Iowa

UPDATE, May 9, 2020 — Iowa’s COVID-19 death toll rose to 252 as of Friday. The total number of Iowans testing positive for the illness now at 11,671, with 5,011 confirmed recoveries, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health

A total 71,475 Iowans have been tested. Iowa’s population is roughly 3.155 million.

Test Iowa sites are now open in Des Moines, Waterloo, Sioux City, Cedar Rapids, Denison and Davenport. The nearest site, Waterloo, will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, May 11, to Friday, May 15.

The Test Iowa process begins with individuals answering questions in an online health assessment at to determine eligibility . Not everyone will be able to get tested.

“We can’t test everyone, but we’ll prioritize testing for those who currently have symptoms, have interacted with someone who has already tested positive, or have recently visited places where COVID-19 is more widespread,” says the Test Iowa website. “We’ll confirm a time slot for your test and direct you to a drive-through testing location.”


The number of confirmed cases in north-central Iowa remains comparatively low. Floyd County has three cases. Of its immediate neighbors, Bremer has the most cases with 58, followed by Cerro Gordo with 15, Butler with 12, Howard with 12, Franklin with 6, Chickasaw with 6, Mitchell with three and Worth with 1. Bremer County has had five deaths.

Just outside that ring of counties, however, is Black Hawk County with 1,477 cases and 20 deaths.


Four of the six states that share a border with Iowa have higher death tolls. Four have conducted more tests.

  • Illinois has 73,760 positive cases in 399,714 tests, and 3,241 deaths.
  •  Minnesota has confirmed 10,790 positive cases in 106,263, and 558 deaths.
  • Wisconsin has 9,590 positive cases in 97,265 tests, and 384 deaths.
  • Missouri has 9,489 positive cases in 108,721 tests, and 449 deaths.
  • Nebraska has 7,831 positive cases in 43,046 tests, and 92 deaths.
  • South Dakota has 3,393 positive cases in 22,952 tests, and 34 deaths.