Storm blasts through region

The high winds that accompanied hail and heavy rain caused damage Monday night in Nashua. Here, fencing around a square used by discus throwers near the Nashua-Plainfield High School stadium is partially crumpled.

NASHUA — Although 75 mph winds were reported in Nashua and 1-inch hail in Charles City, the severe thunderstorms that raced through the region Monday evening saved its worse for locales farther east.


In New Hampton, as a rainbow spread above Nashua, 2-inch hail fell in the hard rain and high winds. Those winds sped up to 82 mph by the time they reached Calmar in Winneshiek County.

In Fayette County, roofs blew off in numerous areas.

The National Weather Service Reports that 0.97 of an inch of rain fell on Rockford and 0.57 fell in Charles City. Click here for an expanded list of rainfall totals.


National Weather Service preliminary storm reports provide a timeline of the storm’s progress and damage

  • Mitchell County

    • 3:59 p.m., in Saint Ansgar, 0.75 inch hail falls.
    • 5:45 p.m., in Osage, a few trees and power lines were down, law enforcement reports
  • Floyd County

    • 5:50 p.m., in Rockford, 0.25-inch hail falls, the fire department reports
    • 5:57 p.m., in Marble Rock, wind gusts reach 60 mph, the fire department reports. The department later reports 0.88 inch hail.
    • 6:11 p.m., the Charles City Fire Department reports wind up to 60 mph and 1-inch hail.
  • Winneshiek County

    • 6:07 p.m., in Ridgeway, Winneshiek County, a trained spotter reports 1-inch hail.
  • Chickasaw County

    • 15_NA_Rainbow1
      A double rainbow is seen above Nashua after a severe thunderstorm Monday evening.

      6:27 p.m., in Nashua a trained spotter reports,”numerous trees blown down .. snapped .. uprooted.”

    • 6:28 p.m., in Ionia, 1-inch hail falls, an emergency manager reports.
    • 6:38 p.m., in New Hampton, 2-inch hail falling, law enforcement on Highway 63 at Exit 201 reports.


  • Winneshiek County

    • 6:54 p.m., in Spillville, amateur radio reports 1.5-inch hail and “lots of tree damage.”
    • 6:56 p.m. in Calmar, winds reach 82 mph, amateur radio reports.
    • 6:59 p.m., in Calmar, 2-inch hail falls, amateur radio reports.
    • 7:10 p.m. in Ossian, downed trees block Highway 52, a storm chaser reports.
  • Fayette County

    • 7:11 p.m., Fayette County law enforcement reports, “trees down and roofs off buildings in numerous areas. Central part of county seems hardest hit.”
  • Allamakee County

    • 7:22 p.m., law enforcement in Allamakee County reports signs blown down.
  • Clayton County

    • 7:42 p.m., a 911 call center in Clayton County reports roofs blown off a few homes and power lines down in Guttenberg.

Click here for a recap of the storm from the National Weather Service.







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