Agenda for the Nashua City Council’s Monday meeting at 7 p.m.

The Nashua City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, March 20, at City Hall. Here is the agenda:


1) Meeting date and time – March 20, 2023, 7:00 PM Council Chamber City Hall

2) Call to Order

3) Consider Approval of the Regular Agenda 

a. Discussion/Motion

4) Consider Approval of the Consent Agenda 

The consent agenda are routine items and will be enacted by one motion without separate discussion. If a Council Member wants to comment about or discuss any item, it will be removed and placed on the regular agenda.  

a. Minutes from Special Meeting March 15, 2023

b. Consent Calendar (March 2-16, 2023), Payment of Claims (see claims report): Total Claims to be Paid $22,951.21+Wages $7,573.07

General Fund:  $15,621.77

Lake/Dam: $101.00

Urban Revit (LOST): $18.00

Road Use: $3,564.47

ARPA: $1,216.00

Water; $7,844.55

Sewer: $2,158.49

Total Funds: $30,524.28  

5) Citizen/Public Comments (limited to 5 minutes per comment)

(An opportunity for citizens, groups, or representatives of organizations to address the Governing Body on any issue which is not on the agenda)

6) Resolutions 

a. 23-18 Resolution to Appoint New Council Member 

1. Oath of Office 

b. 23-19 Resolution Appointing FMC Landfill Representative 

7) Public Hearings/Resolutions

a. Set Public Hearing Amending Code of Ordinance Operations of All Terrain Vehicles for April 3, 2023

b. Set Public Hearing Adopting FY’24 Budget for April 3, 2024

8) Liberty Libations Concerns 

9) Billing Concerns 

10) Permits: 

a. Building Permit – 515 Brasher St.  

11) Business of the Mayor: 

12) Department Reports:

a. City Clerk 

i) February Financial Reports and Bank Reconciliation

ii) Allen Pederson Fixed City Hall Toilet

b. City Council 

c. Nick Henningsen Water/Wastewater Supervisor Monthly Report

d. Heather Hackman Library Director Monthly Report 

e. Set Bid Opening for LMI Survey April 3, 2023

13)  Discussion/Action Items  

a. Action/Discussion Water/Wastewater Rates FY’24

b. Action/Discussion Employee Wages FY’24

c. Action/Discussion Fee for Not Getting Endpoint Installed  

d. Action/Discussion Purchasing Pothole Patching Machine 

e. Action/Discussion LED Incentives Program

f. Action/Discussion UMB Agreement

g. Action/Discussion Smoke Tests Results

h. Action/Discussion MARC Chemical Weed Spray 

i. Action/Discussion EZ Lake Dock Repair Estimate 

j. Action/Discussion Approve Logo Changes to Winning Logo 

k. Action/Discussion Nuisance Properties 

l. Action/Discussion Billing Concern 

m. Action/Discussion Iowa Rural Summit Participants 

a. City Cost Share? 

n. Action/Discussion Chickasaw County Firefighting Mutual Assistance Agreement 

o. Action/Discussion CD Cash Out/Penalty – Renew New Rates 

14) Other Business    

a. Fire Department Incident Report Jan/Feb ‘23

15) Possible Closed Meeting Section 21.5(1)(C) of the Iowa Code discussion of strategy with legal counsel 

1. Dam Update

2. EPA Update 

16) City Attorney Update 

1. As needed, by Zoom, phone, or in person regarding open meetings and records and updates on pending matters  

Meeting AdjournedJohn Ott, City Clerk


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