Stuck car, then a drug charge

It began with a car stuck in the snow and ended with jailers allegedly finding cocaine wrapped in money in a wallet.

Jason J. Laurie, 43, of Oelwein, is charged in Fayette County District Court with interference with official acts (misdemeanor), public intoxication (misdemeanor), and third-offense possession of a controlled substance (Class D felony.).

According to court documents, Oelwein Police responded to a report of an abandoned car in the 300 block of 7th Avenue Southeast around 9:20 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 29. The gold Chevrolet Cobalt sedan was stuck in a front yard and officers spotted a man with a shovel walking toward it.

Although asked three times, he didn’t identify himself to officers, but did say the car belonged to him. Officers identified him by running the license plate.

An officer also said Laurie was glassy eyed, had “the odor of intoxicants“ and somewhat slurred speech.

Laurie was arrested and brought to the Fayette County Jail, where he was searched. Jailers reported finding a vape pen with THC and a powdery substance wrapped in US currency in Laurie’s wallet. It tested positive for cocaine.