Big night for Republicans in Iowa

The Republicans in Iowa swept the federal races and appear to have taken all but one state office holder post. Democrat Rob Sand was clinging to a narrow lead in the race for State Auditor.

The Republicans also punched through a gun rights amendment for the Iowa Constitution.

Click here for the statewide results of the general election that wrapped up Tuesday.

For Floyd County-only results, click here.

For Chickasaw County-only results, click here.


In Chickasaw County, Republican Scott Cerwinske ran unopposed for Board of Supervisors District 2 and got 718 of the 741 votes cast in the race,

Republican Travis Suckow defeated Democrat Jason Byrne, 576-473, for the Board of Supervisors District 5 seat.

For Chickasaw County treasurer, Republican Matthew Ysbrand defeated Democrat Keith J. Hoey, 2,837-1,684.

For county recorder, Democrat Shirley Troyna defeated Republican Tim Zoll, 2,891-2,016.

Republican David C. Launder ran unopposed for county attorney and received 4,211 of the 4,238 votes cast.

Republican Sheila Shekleton ran unopposed to fill the county auditor vacancy and received 4,397 of the 4,432 votes cast.


Republican Sandy Salmon defeated Jenn Wolff, 17,217-9,089 for State Senate District 29. In Chickasaw County, Salmon won 3,265-1,548.

Charley Thomson defeated Dene Lundberg, 7,365-5,086 for State Representative District 58. Thomson won 3,044-1,710 in Chickasaw County.