Comet Soccer says goodbye to graduating founders; boasts high gpa’s

Ben Schwickerath

The Charles City High School Soccer Program held its second end of the season potluck on Thursday night.

Some news of note from the banquet was the academic success of these students — 31 of 46 players have a GPA of 3.25 or greater, and 26 of those are above 3.5, according to head coach Brad McKenzie.

“I knew we had an amazing team!” he tweeted. “Keep it up!”

The potluck also was a chance to say goodbye to some seniors who helped launch this program. Their Comet Soccer legacy is that because of them, generations of Comets will get to play the world’s game.

Graduating founders were Anastasia Baldus, Arturo Ceja, Isaak Jensen, Toby McGovern, Mariah McKenzie, and Ben Schwickerath.

Collin Hillis joined the team this season and is also graduating.

The number of founding members is dwindling. The last of them will graduate with the class of 2021.

The program has played as coed teams for these first two years, but the number of girls grew to nearly a dozen in year two. It will likely take a push by the school’s female athletes, their families and future Comets and their families to convince the district to field separate boys and girls teams.