Floyd County Board meeting agenda, Feb. 12

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda

February 12, 2019, 9 a.m.

Floyd County Courthouse Board Room

1. Approve agenda

2. Public Comment

3. Review/Action regarding approval of January 22 and 28, 2019 meeting minutes

4. Review/Action regarding approval of claims

5. Review/Action regarding appointments to various board

6. Review/Action regarding Res #11-19 Zoning Changes – Lake View Estates Subdivision – second reading, set date for third reading or waive third reading

7. Review/Action regarding AIA Document C132-2009, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Advisor

8. Review/Action regarding Treasurer’s Semi-Annual Report

9. Review/Action regarding Liquor License application for Cedar Ridge Golf Course

10.Review/Action regarding the Purchase of ROW for Bridge Proj. L-100–73-34 on 195th St west of Packard Ave

11.Review/Action for bridge letting bids for Bridge Proj. L-100–73-34 on 195 th St west of Packard Ave and authorization to sign

12.Review/Action regarding Res #10-19 to Purchase ROW, when needed, for Secondary Road projects

13.Discussion and possible review/action on Collection Site compactor

14.Discussion with County Engineer regarding Secondary Road activities

15.FY20 budget reviews






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