City waiting for right time to raze CW bridge; seeking more grants

CHARLES CITY — As the city waits for the right conditions to tear down the crumbling Charley Western Bridge, it’s hunting for more money to build its replacement.

The exact date for demolition is still unsettled, but will most likely be in July, said Charles City Administrator Steven T. Diers. The Cedar River’s level will be a key determining factor. The water needs to be as low as possible.

img_1209In the meantime, the city is considering contracts for grant writing and administration with the North Iowa Area Council of Governments. The council is scheduled to vote at its Tuesday, April 24, meeting.

According to Diers, the project has already been awarded $249,000 through the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program. The Floyd County Snowmobile Association has been awarded $35,000 to donate toward the project as well.

Through the contracts on Tuesday’s agenda, NIACOG would seek:

• a state Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Grant. The maximum award is $100,000.

• a state recreational trail program grant. The maximum is $400,000 with a 25 percent local match required.

• a federal Recreational Trail program grant. The maximum is $400,000 with a 20 percent local match required.

The most the city would need to pay NIACOG for this service would be $10,000, but that would be only if the maximum $900,000, cumulatively, is awarded.