By the numbers: 2017 hunting, fishing license sales

Iowa DNR news release

In 2017, Iowa residents purchased…


234,648 annual licenses

9,532 three-year licenses

8,293 lifetime fishing licenses

43,434 trout fees

8,415 third line licenses

1,082 seven-day licenses

2,881 one-day licenses

278 paddlefish licenses

46,389 fishing, hunting and habitat combination licenses


24,734 annual licenses

2,416 hunting and habitat three-year licenses

2,980 lifetime hunting licenses

73,540 hunting and habitat annual combination licenses

893 apprentice (hunting and habitat) licenses

24,536 migratory game bird licenses

22,675 habitat fees

12,890 furharvest annual licenses age 16 and older

639 furharvest annual licenses age 15 and younger

607 furharvest and habitat annual combination licenses

297 lifetime furharvest licenses

Large Game


8,885 youth general deer, 370 antlerless deer licenses

271 disabled hunter general deer, 53 antlerless deer licenses

55,778 archery general deer, 22,262 antlerless deer licenses

7,533 early muzzleloader general deer, 1429 antlerless deer licenses

48,654 first shotgun general deer, 15,883 antlerless deer licenses

45,577 second shotgun general deer, 15,463 antlerless deer licenses

22,200 late muzzleloader general deer, 11,012 antlerless deer licenses


6,050 spring bow licenses

16,492 spring gun/bow licenses seasons 1-3

14,263 spring gun/bow licenses season 4

5,686 spring youth gun/bow licenses

2,375 fall gun/bow

1,520 fall bow



77 youth general deer licenses, 46 antlerless deer licenses

5,202 archery general deer licenses, 5,269 antlerless deer licenses

1,320 early muzzleloader general deer licenses, 990 antlerless deer licenses

23,183 shotgun first and second season general deer licenses, 18,889 antlerless deer licenses

2,616 late muzzleloader general deer licenses, 4,269 antlerless deer licenses


2,224 spring gun/bow season 1-3

1,958 spring gun/bow season 4

757 bow licenses

50 youth licenses

2,538 fall gun/bow

895 fall bow

In 2017, nonresidents purchased…


21,246 annual licenses

2,266 seven-day licenses

12,405 three-day licenses

14,875 one-day licenses

5,371 trout fees

50 paddlefish licenses


13,110 annual licenses age 18 and older

11,434 hunting and habitat annual combination licenses age 18 and older

15,875 habitat fees

2,869 migratory game bird fees

106 apprentice (hunting and habitat) licenses

59 furharvest annual licenses

44 furharvest and habitat annual combination licenses

Public meeting to highlight successes of 2017 and projects for 2018 at Ledges State Park

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources at Ledges State Park will host an annual public meeting on Thursday, January 18th at the Boone City Hall auditorium (923 8th Street; Boone, IA 50036) to discuss upcoming projects of 2018. Doors will open at 6:00pm and the presentation will start at 6:30pm.

The meeting will highlight successful activities, programs, and partnerships of 2017. Park staff will also provide the most up-to-date details on the campground renovation, Canyon Drive repair, and boat ramp projects. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the great things happening at Ledges State Park in 2018.

Media contact for Ledges State Park is Andy Bartlett, Park Manager (515) 290-7677.

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