2018 hunting and fishing licenses on sale

Iowa hunting and

By the Iowa DNR

As of Friday, Dec. 15, you can purchase your Iowa 2018 hunting and fishing licenses! Find a nearby Iowa license vendor, or get your license on the DNR’s online sales site.

A hunting or fishing license also makes a great gift for the holidays. You’ll just need the recipient’s social security number AND birthdate. Or you can call the DNR customer service desk at (515) 725-8200 for assistance looking up a person’s license information to make the purchase.

Here’s a list of popular licenses from which to choose:

• Angler’s Special 3-Year License: $53.00 — save $4.00 compared to the price of three annual licenses

• Hunter’s Special 3-Year License: $86.00 – save $10.00, and includes hunting with habitat fee

• Outdoor Combo: $47.00 — annual hunting, fishing and habitat fee included

• Annual Resident Fishing License: $19.00

• Annual Resident Hunting License: $19.00 plus $13.00 habitat fee required