Fishing Report: Check under the dock for muskies, DNR suggests

It’s a great time to just be outside in northern Iowa. So, try some. Ice relaxing fishing. Here are the latest Iowa DNR reports on popular fishing spots around here.

Clear LakeThe water temperature is 65 degrees. 

  • Yellow Bass – Good: Drift a small jig tipped with a piece of crawler or cut bait in 8- to 10-feet of water until you find fish. Try also near the rock reefs. 
  • Walleye – Fair: Use a slip bobber and leech or minnow near the rock reefs. 
  • Channel Catfish – Fair: Use cut bait or crawlers on the windward side of the lake. 
  • Muskellunge – Fair: Try near edge of vegetation and shady areas under docks. 
  • (I really want to hear from someone who has caught a Muskie under a dock, though. Email us at – Chris)

Cedar River (above Nashua)

Water levels are low. Use caution when backing boats down boat ramps. Trailers going off the ends of the ramps have been reported.

  • Walleye – Slow: Troll main channel or deeper holes and along current breaks. Use a jig tipped with a minnow or twister tail. 
  • Channel Catfish – Slow: Use a hook with a dead chub or crawler. Try also chicken liver, stink bait and nightcrawlers around brush piles.
  •  Black Crappie – Slow: Use a hook tipped with a minnow in eddies below dams and backwaters around brush piles.
  •  Smallmouth Bass – Slow: Use crawdad crankbaits along rocky shorelines and substrates. 

Cedar River (Nashua to La Porte City)

  • Walleye – Fair: Use a jig and plastic tail tipped with half a nightcrawler on the downstream sandbar drop-offs or woody structure as the river is low 
  • Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Cast spinnerbaits or crankbaits along rip-rap shorelines and woody structure.