Charles City School Board to consider old middle school options on Monday, calls for public comment

CHARLES CITY — With a purchase offer on the table as well as a pitch to work with the city and a “place maker” to create something unique that would draw people to the community, the Charles City School Board has some decisions to make about the former Middle School building. 
A slate of options are on the board’s agenda for The board meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the 7th grade learning area on the new middle school.
Zach Mannheimer of McClure Engineering Company met with the Charles City Council and then the School Board on May 30 about potential repurposing of the former middle school. He was the creative force behind the Des Moines Social Club project and has projects underway in Council Bluffs, Fort Dodge, Earlham, Algona, Fayette, Jefferson, and Newton, according to board meeting minutes.
On Monday, the board will discuss whether to engage with the City Council in a joint session to further explore this option, forego it in favor of the option agreement and conveyance of old middle school property to Charles Thomson, or pursue both. 
The Monday agenda also says, “This is the time when any member of the public may speak to the Board in support of, or against, any portion of the proposal to convey an option to purchase property located at 500 N. Grand Avenue, Charles City, Iowa to North Grand Building, LLC, an Iowa limited liability company, its successors and/or assigns, for one dollar and other good and valuable consideration.”
The sale agreement would be with The North Grand Benevolent, Literary, Eleemosynary, Educational, Scientific and Charitable Institution, Inc., a developer and an Iowa not-for profit corporation. 
As printed on the Monday agreement, the main points of the lease agreement include: 
* Three-year term, but either party can terminate the lease with 60 days’ notice.

* The school will pay rent of $1 annually plus an amount equal to the District’s proportionate share of expenses of the addition plus the auditorium. Expenses shall mean all expenses, costs and disbursements (other than taxes), actually paid or incurred by landlord in connection with the operation of the building, 
including the cost of providing utilities to the building.

* Upon execution of the lease, the District shall deposit the security deposit of $280,000 paid in three annual installments, $100,000 on 7/1/18 and $90,000 on 7/1/19 and 7/1/20. Within sixty (60) days of expiration of the term or earlier termination of this lease landlord shall return the full amount of the security deposit to District, unless within said sixty (60) day period Landlord provides notice to District that landlord intends to demolish the addition as depicted in the exhibit A and landlord actually commences demolition of the addition in event landlord shall be entitled to retain the security deposit.

* If the HVAC breaks down and the District wishes to remain at the property, it will be the responsibility of the District to fix or replace the HVAC system.

* The District can make alterations to the leased property if the owner does not object.




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