Charles City district looks west for school design inspiration

CHARLES CITY — Ongoing research into design options for a new or renovated Charles City High School sent eight educators to Southern California. They will report their findings Monday to the School Board.
The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. In the 7th grade learning studio of the Charles City Middle School.
The meeting agenda middle and high school teachers Ryan Rahmiller, Amanda Rahmiller, Brenda Bailey, Julie Holub, Dené Lundberg, and Melina Mena-Davis and instructional coaches David Voves and Brittni Molstead traveled to Southern California June 8-10 to tour the High Tech High Village in San Diego and the HTH campus I n Chula Vista. 
“They will share what they learned regarding academic programming and school facilities and how it relates to the 21st Century Schools work that is underway in Charles City,” the agenda says. “Please note that the expenses were paid for using Teacher Quality funds, which only can be used to support teacher professional development activities.”
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The visit was part of the mission of the 21st Century Schools Task Force studying programming that could fit well in a renovated or reconstructed Charles City High School. Teams visited schools across the Midwest and in San Diego to see schools and programming.
The task force was established in February.
The task force presented about the site visits to the School Board on May 8. Meeting minutes say: “The list of the common themes of the visits were summarized for the Board; flexible spaces, open, light, and airy spaces, movable furniture, locker/no locker debate, fitness center shared with community, outdoor learning spaces, design/build spaces, school store, special education coffee shop, internships/apprenticeships for career technical education, auditorium space, black box theatre, secure entrance/exit and use of technology for staff and students.”