CC musicians test themselves at day-long festival

Charles City High School musicians spent Saturday at Crestwood Junior and Senior High School performing in the Class 3A Iowa High School Music Association Solo/Ensemble Festival.

Choir, band and orchestra students made the trip north. An initial bus left at 6 a.m. for the all-day festival.

Judges critiqued each performance, giving on the spot reaction as well as written notes for the students to review later.

Full results were not available at the time of this writing, but Charles City musicians collected many Division I ratings, including a saxophone choir, a low brass choir, a trumphet choir, and multiple individual solos. This list is just a sampling and not a full accounting of results.

A letter to parents on the IHSMA website explains the rating system and keeping results in perspective:

Division I:
A superior performance. Outstanding in nearly every detail. Nearly every detail – they are not perfect, but they should be as good as students for this particular event can perform.

Division II: An excellent performance. An unusual performance in many respects but not worthy of the highest rating because of minor defects in performance and ineffective interpretation. Ineffective interpretation might be – dynamics are happening, they are just not musical.

Division III: An average performance. Shows accomplishment and promise, but is lacking in finesse, interpretation and the essential qualities necessary for the higher rating. Dynamics are no longer happening. The lack of finesse is obvious and many essential qualities simply are not present.

Division IV: A fair performance. Not worthy of a higher rating because of basic weaknesses in the fundamental factors of a good musical performance. A legitimate effort is being given; there simply is very little musical that is happening. Coordination is obviously lacking and, at times, the observer may wonder if they will finish together.

Division V: A poor performance. Obviously lacking practice, preparation, and observation of the necessities of a good festival performance. A legitimate effort is no longer being given.

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