CC one of many school districts swatted with fake threats

Charles City appears to have been one of many schools across the state today receiving a false threat call.

According to a news release from the Charles City Police Department, it and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office responded to the high school and middle school for a threat call.

“It was discovered to be a false call which is being made around the entire state to other school districts,” the release posted on social media says. ” There was no danger to staff or children. Thank you to the incredible staff at both schools for their assistance.

“Officers decided to stay a while and get some exercise with the kids. Investigator Bilharz surprised us all with his quarterback arm!”

Photo courtesy of Charles City Police

Charles City Superintendent Ann Lundquist issued this statement:

“On Tuesday, many school districts in Iowa have been affected by false reports of an active shooter on their campuses. From what we understand, local police departments have received internet-based phone calls with these threats, which turn out to be unsubstantiated. It appears to be part of a hoax known as ‘swatting.’

“Ours was one of the school districts that was affected. After receiving a ‘robocall’ local law enforcement and administration conducted an investigation of our secondary buildings. Police do not believe there to be a credible threat to school safety at this time.

“We would like to continue to encourage our students and school community to report anything that could constitute a threat to school safety. As always, we work closely with local law enforcement to assist in these situations. “