Stewart wins Grinch title

Diana Stewart makes a Grinch Sightings visit. (Photo posted by Deb Hatton Hamilton)

Diana Stewart worked for it.

She accepted the Grinch title Friday night at Plaza Park, bringing the annual fundraiser for the Oelwein Kitchen Cabinet food pantry to an end. One dollar equaled one vote for one of five Grinch candidates. People cast votes by dropping off donations at locations affiliated with each candidate. Stewart’s was Oelwein Dollar Fresh.

The other candidates were Missy Kane (Transco Railway Products), Sue Crandall (Oelwein Chamber and Area Development), Steve Milder (West Central School) and Jerry Bostian (Fareway

Throughout the contest Stewart posted pictures of herself in Grinch garb at various locations in Oelwein. It was part of a game she called Grinch Sightings and viewers were supposed to guess the locations.