Oelwein and West Union men sent to prison over drug crimes

Men from Oelwein and West Union were sent to prison this week after pleading guilty to felony drug charges in separate cases in Fayette County District Court.

Here are some recently concluded felony cases:

Thomas Daniel Wilds, 28, of Oelwein, pleaded guilty Nov. 15 to the Class D felonies of third-offense possession of methamphetamine and third-offense possession of marijuana and was sentenced by District Court Judge John Sullivan to a pair of concurrent prison terms of up to five years. Four other counts were dismissed. Fines and surcharges, which exceeded $2,000 total, were suspended.

Vanessa Lynn Wilson, 38, of Oelwein, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of aggravated misdemeanor third-degree theft and Judge Sullivan on Nov. 15 placed her on two years of supervised probation on a suspended prison sentence of up to two years. She was originally charged with third-degree burglary, a Class D felony.

Dale Joseph Steif, 68, of West Union, pleaded guilty to possession of contraband in a correctional institution, a Class D felony, and was sentenced Nov. 15 by Judge Sullivan to up to five years in prison with credit for time served. A $1,025 fine plus surcharge was suspended. One count of second-offense possession of marijuana was dismissed.

Flora Mae Epley, 42, of Oelwein, pleaded guilty Nov. 2 in Fayette County District Court to the Class D felony of possession of contraband in a correctional facility and second-offense possession of methamphetamine, an aggravated misdemeanor. Judge Sullivan on Nov. 7 placed her on two to five years of probation with the condition she reside at a treatment facility for one year or until maximum benefits are achieved and she perform 10 hours of community service. She received suspended, consecutive prison terms of five and two years. Fines and surcharges were also suspended.