CC man pleads guilty to 3rd domestic assault, placed on probation

Logan Justin Pfertzel, 29, of Charles City, pleaded guilty Oct. 27 in Floyd County District Court to Class D felony domestic assault. On Nov. 1, District Judge Peter B. Newell placed Pfertzel on three to five years of probation on a suspended prison sentence of up to five years, with credit for time served. A fine of $1,025 plus surcharge was suspended.

Pfertzel was ordered to be placed in the Beje Clark Residential Facility until maximum benefits are achieved. There he is to get substance abuse and mental health evaluations and follow through on recommended treatment. The court also ordered restitution for his victim and a no contact order is in place.

Pfertzel was charged with third-offense domestic assault after hitting another person in the face, back and shoulder on Aug. 22, and also biting that person in the hand, according to the criminal complaint.