Repairs to Viper Lanes likely to take months

It could take until February for repairs to get done at Viper Lanes in Oelwein, according to a social media post by the bowling alley’s ownership.

Viper Lanes and P.J.s Bar and Grill closed “until further notice” earlier this week after Oelwein was soaked by an estimated 1.4 inches of rain overnight Monday. Prior to the rain event, the business had gotten a permit from the city to re-deck and coat a commercial roof.

“The damage inside the business is extensive and will take an estimated 2 to 4 months or more to repair,” says a post put up Saturday on Viper Lanes owner Dean Hendricks and the alley’s Facebook pages. “We’re currently trying to work with insurance companies to get things done ASAP. If you want your bowling equipment so you can bowl somewhere else until we get things repaired and replaced I will be there Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5 to 7 p.m. next week. Please message me or call me ahead of time and I will have your equipment ready to go.”

On Wednesday morning, crew was working on the roof and was removing water from the restaurant side of the building.

Viper Lanes is the host of multiple bowling leagues as well as the Oelwein High School varsity bowling teams.