FISHING REPORT: To get catfish, try chicken livers

Iowa DNR

Cedar River (above Nashua)

Water levels are on a slight rise, but remain low after recent rain events.  Flows remain high. Visit the USGS Current Water Data website for current water level information.

Walleye – Good: Use a jig tipped with a crawler or minnow in slack water pockets. Use a jig tipped with twister tail in deep water drop offs.

Channel Catfish – Slow: Target snags for catfish using chicken liver or crawdads fished on bottom. Use stink bait once the water warms.

Smallmouth Bass – Good: Use crawdad crankbaits or jigs with twister tails along rocky shorelines.

Black Crappie – Slow Use minnows or red worms in shallow snags and slack water.

Clear Lake

Surface water temperature is 76 degrees.

Walleye – Fair: Jig a minnow or leech above submerged vegetation in 6 to 10 feet of water.

Channel Catfish – Good: Use cut bait or crawlers fished after sunset.

Black Crappie – Good: Try fishing the edge of the vegetation with a jig and minnow.

Yellow Bass – Fair: Drift or troll a small jig tipped with cut bait in 6 to 8 feet of water until you find the fish.

Muskellunge – Fair: Fish the edge of the vegetation and near docks.