Pros cleaning up storm damage at R-R-MR

ROCKFORD — Professionals are removing downed trees and cleaning up the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock school campus, while programs have been moved off-site, according to a Facebook post by District administration.

The severe storm on Saturday tore through the Floyd County city causing extensive damage. R-R-MR Superintendent Keith Turner issued this statement Sunday about the damage at the school.

“As you are aware the RRMR school took considerable damage from last nights storm. There was no structural damage to the building, but we did lose many of the trees that surround our facility. The baseball/softball complex, as well as our playground, took the brunt of the storm.”

The school is closed to the public because of damage and debris.

The SOAR program is being held at the Catholic Church

Drivers Education is being held in the basement of Zion Lutheran Church.

On Monday, the district issued this statement about progress of the cleanup: “Currently, the pole has been lifted off the concession stand and trees are being professionally removed. The office at the school is open, but we encourage people to stay off the school grounds. Please call the office if you need something.

“We hope to have Driver’s Education back on campus by Wednesday or Thursday as well as have the secondary summer school kids in the building. SOAR will continue to be at the Catholic Church until at least Friday due to the mess on the playground. On Friday we will reassess whether or not we can bring the SOAR program back to the school on Monday, June 18, or if it will need to stay at the church for a longer period of time.

“Once the professionals remove the trees and all big equipment is gone we may have the need for assistance picking up sticks, raking, cleaning, etc. Please continue to watch for updates as to when and how this will happen.

“At this point, the school thanks everyone for the kind words, thoughts, assistance, and offers to help. They are very much appreciated.”