Bayou Bend leads 10-Pin Heaven bowling league 

CHARLES CITY — Nine weeks into the the 32-week season of Comet Bowl’s Wednesday night men’s league, 10-Pin Heaven, Bayou Bend is atop the standings followed by MTE and then Jendro Sanitation.

Bayou’s team members are Richard Burham, Mike Ross, Denny Carr, Jeff Wink and John Ayers.

Wink has the second highest scratch game of this early season at 279. The top game is a 289 rolled by Jesse Gifford of the Fareway Butchers, which owns the highest scratch series of the season at 3,201 and the highest scratch game at 1,154.

Bayou Bend has the season’s best handicap series score, so far, at 3,674, and the second best handicap series at 1,266. Schmidt Pullin has the top handicap series at 1,277.

Bayou Bend will face 10th place Mike Molsted Motors this week (Nov. 9) on lanes 1-2.

The rest of this week’s matchups are:

  • Comet Bowl has the bye on lanes 3-4
  • MTE against Schmidt Pullin on lanes 5-6
  • DFS vs. Fareway Butchers on lanes 7-8
  • Cruisin 5 vs. the team led by he who shall not be named on lanes 9-10
  • Jendro Sanitation vs Hawkeye Plastic Products on lanes 11-12
  • L&J Industries vs. Gutter Boys on lanes 13-14