Taking a stroll down the Spookwalk in Charles City

By Colton Baldus

Hundreds of costumed kids lined up along the Cedar Riverfront on Thursday to celebrate pre-Halloween, collecting candy strolling through attractions sponsored by local businesses and organizations. 

There was a pirate ship handing out chocolate doubloons, a pharoh’s “tomb.” Said pharaoh seemed to be in good health lying on a table inside. A recreation of the “Wizard of Oz” included a yellow brick road. Colorful and spooky mixed in many more stops along the Spookwalk.

The costumes people wore were very cool my favorites were some of the ones pictured here, but there are others that deserve a shout-out. Someone was dressed as the Pokemon Pikachu. It was pretty awesome. There was also a bunch of Star Wars stormtroopers, some looked straight out of the old movies, while others had suits inspired by the Lego sets.

 The Spookwalk is always a blast and if you or your family are looking for an activity to go on next October check out it out.





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