Another first: In a new ceremony, Charles City 8th graders cross over to high school

Eighth-grade teachers and students leave the competition gym during the crossing over to high school ceremony Friday at Charles City Middle School. – photo by Chris Baldus

CHARLES CITY — On their final day as eighth graders, the Charles City High School Class of 2021 marched out the front door of the new middle school singing “Na na na na, na na na na, good bye!”

They paraded Friday along Comet Drive — flanked by construction of the school district’s new bus barn to their left, and to their right churned dirt pushed behind the concrete curb during the drive’s construction.

Like the class, the campus remains a work in progress with high expectations.

The procession was led through the high school parking lot by students carrying a white banner before them. It was emblazoned with “Class of 2021” and was signed by all class members.

The outgoing eighth graders entered the front door of the high school and circled around tables filled by their parents as high school associate principal Larry Wolfe hung the banner in the commons area.

It will hang in the commons for four years and will be at their graduation ceremony, Wolfe said.

It was the first crossing over ceremony since the opening last fall of the new middle school addition on the high school campus.

The ceremony began in the new competition gym where students picked up awards for their efforts in the 2016-17 school year. Then their teachers spoke,  praising them for all they have done this year, and encouraging them to be involved in high school activities.

“We want our students involved in activities,” middle school principal Rick Gable said. “Students that are involved are going to be higher-achievers, are going to be more well-rounded, and do things better.”

Wolfe and four current high school students picked up that theme urging being active and emphasizing the high school is a close-knit community whose members help one another.

Gable reminded the eighth graders that he asked them as the school year began how well they would lead.
“I think you guys have really set the bar well,” he said. “Give yourself applause, loud applause. Great job!”