Floyd County’s prosecutor wants Lindaman’s retrial to begin ASAP

CHARLES CITY – Floyd County’s lead prosecutor wants Doug Lindaman back in district court as soon as possible.
The Iowa Supreme Court last week reversed Lindaman’s April 2016 conviction by a jury of third-degree sexual abuse, sending the case back to Floyd County District Court for retrial.
County Attorney Rachel Ginbey, filed a request on Tuesday, May 23, to have the case added to the trial list and “resent at the earliest possible date for trial.”
Lindaman, a former Floyd County magistrate who lost his law license after two convictions in the late 1980s for lascivious acts with minors, has been serving a 10-year prison sentence after a jury convicted him of sexually abusing a teenage farmhand he hired.
Ginbey’s latest filing also asks that Lindaman be transported back to the Floyd County Jail and that bond be set at $10,000 cash in his name only.
If Lindaman were to post bond, Ginbey ask that he be released to “pretrial supervision by the Department of Corrections.”

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