Charles City woman asks to keep pet chickens within city limits

UPDATE: The Charles City Council planning session in which Rachel Colsch request to keep chickens at her home at 223 Charles St. has been postponed.


 CHARLES CITY — A woman seeking permission to keep chickens in her backyard explains in a letter that they are dear family pets.

“These are all my pets,” Rachel Colsch of 223 Charles St. wrote. “They are very special to me and I love them dearly.”
Her request is scheduled to be discussed Monday, May 22, at the Charles City Council’s planning session in City Hall. The meeting begins at 6 p.m.
In a memo to the council, City Administrator Steve Diers wrote: “(It) appears that these birds have been part of that property for some time already and are a beloved pet to the owner. The property is located somewhat on the edge of town and is adjacent to the Charley Western Trail, water tower and Cambrex. Residential neighbors are directly on either side of the property.”
Colsch in her letter said she is allergic to cats and doesn’t want the work of owning a dog.
“I have had chickens my entire life and have had them in numerous locations rural and urban,” she wrote.