Fireworks legalized in Iowa, Charles City to review its regulations

CHARLES CITY — The Republican-controlled Legislature and Gov. Terry Branstad have trumped Charles City’s ordinance prohibiting the sale and use of consumer fireworks in city limits.
The new law allowing both across the state leaves cities some room to make rules, however. The City Council will discuss fireworks at tonight’s planning meeting that begins at 6 p.m. in City Hall.

In a memo to the council, City Administrator Steve Diers said: ” It would appear that the biggest change is that persons will be allowed to use “consumer fireworks” for certain time periods: June 1st through July 8th; and Dec. 10th through Jan. 3 of each year.

Hours of use are also limited by state law as is the requirement that they be used on their property or on property of a consenting third-party. Commercial fireworks displays will still be required to have specific city permission as is presently required.”
Diers added it to the Wednesday agenda because “I’d like to generally review our current ordinance and update it to meet state code and also meet the desires of the City Council in terms of regulation.

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