Floyd County Veterans Affairs commission meeting April 17

Floyd County Veteran Affairs Commission Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2017 @ 16:00

Commissioners in attendance: Bob Mondt (Chair), Maureen Ruane (Secretary), William Vetter, and Tim Speas 

Other county representatives present: VSO Director Maria Deike, County Supervisor Doug Kamm 

1. The meeting was called to order at 16:00 by Chair Bob Mondt. 

2. Motion to approve last month’s minutes by Tim Speas, second by Maureen Ruane, passed unanimously. 

3. Motion to approve agenda by Bill Vetter, second Tim Speas, passed unanimously. 

4. Motion to approve consent agenda by Bill Vetter, second by Tim Speas, passed unanimously. 

5. Public Comments – None 

6. Motion to approve bills/budget claims by Bill Vetter, second by Tim Speas, passed unanimously. 

7. VSO Director, Maria Deike speaking on behalf of Commissioners at the Award Ceremony on 4/20/2017 – Senior Center. School was fine, just learning how to rebuttal the VA with issues. Maria was elected to the new District President position; she’s not sure as to the new duties involved. (Congratulations Maria!)Maria is tracking Chickasaw County in order to submit a bill to them. A Commissioner is stepping down, not renewing her Commission in June. We are seeking a new Commissioner to replace her. She’s still having problems with the troubled veteran. 

8. Budget reviewed – motion to approve by Bill Vetter, second by Tim Speas, passed unanimously. 

9. Liaison comments – Doug Kamm congratulated Maria on her new position. He discussed Gloria’s email
regarding a new law in place and how it doesn’t affect us. 

10. Next meeting will be May 15, 2017 at 1600. 

11. Motion to adjourn by Bill Vetter, second by Tim Speas.