Longtime Charles City teachers accept retirement offer


Charles City High School Orchestra Director Nancy Western looks in on one of her orchestra members during competition earlier this year. Western has accepted early retirement from the school district.

CHARLES CITY — Seven Charles City teachers with a combined years of service of 203 years are taking the school district’s early retirement offer when the school year ends. They are:

Janet Boge, special education teacher, 36 years

Lynn Feller, early childhood special education teacher, 21 years

Shirley Holm, 6th grade science and reading teacher, 23 years

Roxanne Kennedy, elementary vocal music teacher, 40 years

Vicki Krumwiede, special education teacher, 22 years

Barbara Lauterbach, special education teacher, 32 years

Nancy Western, orchestra teacher and director, 29 years.

One support staff employee, Cheryl Sonberg, and instructional assistant of 26 years also is taking early retirement.


On Tuesday, the School Board terminated the contract of Charles City High School wrestling coach and industrial tech teacher Kevin Wedeking.


These are hires made by the school district dating back to February.

Ben Klapperich: middle school boys track coach at $2,451

Kristin McLeland: learning connection aide at 12.50 an hour

Bal Frascht: instructional assistant at $14.29 an hour

Rachel Connerley: instruction assistant ECSE at $14.29 an hour

Jenna Hardy: 6th grade English and language arts teacher at $37,938

Rachel Wolf: 7-12 family consumer science teacher at $37,938

Keith Reuter: dean of students at $65,000

Jessica Baker: special education teacher at $37,938

Brandy Anderson: 5-12 math teacher at $37,938

Holli Gorman: 5-12 math teacher at $37,938 

Madalyn Fank: second grade teacher at $42,246, as well as head volleyball coach at $5,578

Alexis Finder: K-4 music teacher at $40,038 and head drama director at $2,656

Caleb Davidson: special education teacher at $37,938

Jessica Hirsch: special education teacher at $46,553

Jody Welter: special education teacher at $51,578 

Katelyn Huxsol: assistant middle school drama director $996 

Caley Johnson: early childhood teacher at $39,374


These are resignations accepted by the school district dating back to February.

Alaura Waide residned as instructional assistant

Patty O’Hollearn resigned at the middle school family consumer sciences teacher

Alexa Bock resigned as instructional assistant

Whitney Clark resigned as a special education teacher

Meaghan Johnson resigned as a 6th grade ELA teacher

Toni Smith resigned as the 8th grade math teacher and assistant middle School play director

Brenda West decided not to return from a leave of absence.

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