Charles City educators travel to tour school designs

CHARLES CITY — Three Charles City School Board members, two teachers and a high school confidential secretary  are on the road to tour two northern Minnesota schools as the district deliberated design for a new or renovated high school.

The group is gathering information on 21st century school designs and will report back to the 21st Century Schools task force organized to gather information for a possible Charles City High School renovation or construction project.

The group includes teachers Brian Bohlen and Jacob Gassman, board members Jason Walker, Robin Macomber and Lorraine Winterink.
The group is traveling to Duluth, Minn., to visit the Habor City International Charter School on Tuesday, April 25. The school building was renovated in 2002. A tour of the facility is scheduled for 1 p.m. 

After the tour, they will travel to Alexandria, Minn., where they will stay overnight. The group will tour the Alexandria Area High School on Wednesday, April 26. It was built in 2014. 

All but two board members will return to Charles City the evening of April 26. The other two board members along with four staff members, will travel to California from April 27-29 for an additional school site visit.