Floyd County Board to discuss law enforcement center

The Floyd County Board of Supervisors workshop meeting begins at 9 a.m. Monday, April 24, in the Floyd County Courthouse board room.In the wake of the Charles City Council deciding last week to withdraw from a partnership to build a joint law enforcement center, the supervisors will discuss the next step. The county is driven by reports from the state jail inspector, who said in 2013 that the 70-plus year e jail “does not meet the current needs of the staff or the public.”

Delbert Longley, chief jail inspector, said he was urging the Board to make plans for the day the jail is no longer useable.

Also on the Monday agenda are:

  • Presentation of the fiscal year 2016 audit report.
  • Discussion regarding DNR response on the Candon Finisher Farm well complaint
  • Discussion regarding nuisance issue at 1651 Jersey Ave
  • Discussion regarding Jail/Joint Use Law Enforcement Center
  • Note the receipt of the Floyd County housing Trust Fund Annual Report 2017
  • Note the resignation of county representative to the Charles City Area Development Board of Directors
  • Discussion regarding appointments to various boards/commissions
  • Discussion regarding FY17 budget amendment
  • Discussion regarding updates to the Floyd County Employee Handbook regarding Employee Complaint Resolution Procedure, Use of Workplace Technology, Use of Cell Phones, Social Media, Vehicle Operations

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