Floyd County asks DNR to investigate Rudd hog confinement 

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CHARLES CITY — Whether a hog confinement building was put up too close to a neighbor’s wells in Rudd Township is a question for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to answer, the Floyd County Board decided Tuesday morning.

By a 3-0 vote, the county supervisors decided the complaint by Jeff and Gail Schwarzkopf against Brandon and Casey Wood’s Candon Finisher Farm confined feeding operation building is valid and should be investigated by the DNR.

The Schwartzkopfs’ allegation is that the hog confinement building is in violation of the minimum distance from a well.

“We believe the distance between the existing formed manure storage structure at the site and the two shallow private wells located on the property owned by Melvin and Barbara Frost immediately adjacent to the site are both less than the 200 feet required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources administrative rules,” the Schwartkopfs wrote in a letter to the Floyd County Board.

They said the adjacent property owners’ son, Steve Frost told them the locations of the wells.

A county employee sent to the Frost property last year was unable to find the wells because of its state. Old vehicles, mobile homes and assorted debris fill the lot between the CAFO and Jersey Avenue.

Brandon Wood, who attended Monday’s meeting said had they known where the wells were, they would have moved the building farther back in the field. He also said they tried to buy the property containing the alleged wells.