St. Patrick’s Day patrols to help CCPD buy in-car cameras

CHARLES CITY — More police than usual will be on the roads this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The effort to save lives on a holiday renowned for alcohol consumption also will help the Charles City Police Department equip its squad cars with cameras.

“We applied for this grant and doing this extra enforcement gets the department money to purchase out in-car cameras,” says a post on the department’s Facebook page. “It’s a great way we save money for the city and protect us and you!”

The extra enforcement is in coordination with the Special Traffic Enforcement Program of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau.

 “These events call for heightened traffic enforcement for all traffic violations with the main effort to raise awareness in safety belt use as the best means of protection in the case of a motor vehicle collision,” the program’s website says.

Othe upcoming special enforcement dates are May 22-June 4, July 1-4, and Aug. 18-Sept. 3.

In-car cameras are commonly referred to as dash cams.

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